Giants create cap space with James Bradberry restructure

The Giants have restructured cornerback James Bradberry‘s contract for the second time this year.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that the Giants have converted just over $4 million of his base salary into a roster bonus in order to create just over $2.7 million in cap space this year. They also added a void year to Bradberry’s contract, which is up after next season, in order to further spread out the cap hit.

Earlier this year, the Giants converted $8 million of Bradberry’s salary into a bonus to create $4 million in cap room. That move left him with a cap number of $20.5 million next year and that number will go up a bit with the second move.

The Giants now have a little more than $3 million in cap space for the rest of this season and there will likely need to be some cap-related cuts come the offseason to balance the money they’ve kicked down the road with Bradberry and others this year.